Wind power

Wind turbines consist of many rotating components. One thing they all have in common is the need for continuous monitoring in order to prevent unnecessary bearing and components wear. As wind turbines are often installed in very remote, and hard to reach, locations, the need for a system to predict and to counter failures is critical. When planning a service visit, every minute is costly, and needs to be optimized. By monitoring components, you will have the full perspective on where to focus, and where not to. KP sensors will give you the necessary data basis to make those decisions, and help you prevent any breakdown. The number of actions required will be limited to scheduled maintenance visits and the overall production of the turbine will be optimized.. You will have the possibility to use KP condition monitoring sensors to receive immediate feedback on the strain on the turbine, the tower, and the foundation, and use the combined data to make real-time decisions. The sensors will even provide you with the option to send a “kill-signal” to the turbine, causing it to shutdown before a situation that cannot be stopped occurs.

KP condition monitoring sensors can provide data for existing SCADA systems, but also be run in a separate system, using the cloud access to control and monitor the turbine, and using the data to plan your predictive maintenance

KPV100 and KPV200 helps you to understand the vibrations, and the changes in vibration on components like electrical motors, pumps, bearings, brakes, and other rotating systems, and provides the system with the data needed to react in due time to the changes. Data from different turbines can even be used to recognize and predict variations, and how to prevent and react on these.

KPM Illustration

KPM100 gives you the directional feedback needed to fully monitor and understand movement of the tower and the foundation. How does the environment impact the turbine, does the foundation move under stress in ways that are uncommon, and how does tower sway inflict on the operation of the turbine. The data can be used in cooperation with Nacelle data to understand the impact on the turbine as a whole unit and not just individual systems. Like with the KPV100/200, the KPM100 can be programmed to initiate normal shut-down procedure of the turbine if data shows a development or crosses a defined threshold that leaves to inevitable failure of the turbine, making the turbine safe for those who live nearby, as well as those working on, and in it.


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