Electrical motors

Electrical motors are the backbone of nearly all internal industrial transportation. That goes for raw materials, subcomponents up to the finish products, from the tiniest parts to ready build cars and trucks. All parts move through different stages in their production life and internal transportation facilitates the move from one stage to another. Sometimes very fast and sometimes slow but electrical engines do it all.

With mining conveyors that can be several kilometers long and transporting ton after ton of material, breakdowns are costly in loss of time in both ends of the band. The KPV100 sensor will monitor the system 24/07 and collect and monitor data. Any change in the condition of the system will be noticed no matter how small these might be. You will therefore have the full view of the condition and be able to plan and execute maintenance both effectively and fast with minimized downtime.

In airports, luggage and goods are transported from loader to carrier on belts and rollers. Automatically scanning, registering, and labeling it to be sent to the right gate for loading. If just one link in this long and very advanced chain breaks down, the running cost for the operator is immense and the trouble for the passengers well known. Complete knowledge of the condition of every single part of this system is very important. KPV100 provides the data and functions to optimize the maintenance, and the planning of resources to avoid breakdown. Planning maintenance saves spare parts and ensures the 24/7 operation of the system.

In production facilities with fast rotating machines there is a lot of data available as many parts vibrates during operation. By following these vibrations data will inform of the actual condition of the machine, but also how it will evolve by analyzing the data gathered. By knowing the critical borders, it is possible to fine-tune the facility to run at 100% without any concerns about problems. Maybe the speed can be increased with smaller subjects or maybe a bottleneck can be avoided the data is available to analyze.

KPV100/200 vibration sensor gives the operator the possibility to be ahead when planning maintenance and to use resources optimal and therefor ultimately increasing performance and turnover.