Railroad monitoring

Modern railroad is a high-tech wonder. Running at speeds up to 300 km/h puts great demands into the material and machines used, but also in urban areas where elevated lines run together with lines below the surface, the demand for smooth and timely trips are high. In Denmark, all trains delayed more than 3 minutes causes a potential fine for the operator, no matter the cause.

Monitoring of the rails condition is crucial. When monitoring the changes in the vibrations, one of the key factors in the overall condition of the rails, you will gain an overview to help you clarify the amount of wear on the rails or to ensure noise levels are kept under the limit. With vibrations sensors placed strategically in the vicinity of the tracks, you can supervise the noise and vibration levels channeled through structures, roads and more, and limit the discomfort to a minimum.

Temperature cause rails to expand and withdraw, or even to bend slightly. Temperature data can be used to warn the locomotive driver when the rails have reached a temperature where the possibility of less friction is present, and therefor when he needs to start braking earlier than normal.

With a sensor package installed in every trainset you will get a full-scale overview of the entire railroad network, updated every time a train passes the value of these empiric data will raise every time the data is updated and will give the knowledge of where and when to plan maintenance, grinding of the rails, support bank repair and even more.

Railroad switches needs to function 100% accurate every time, 365 days a year, come snow, sun or blizzard. KPV100/200 will give you the vibration signature of every switch every time it is used and will automatically raise an alarm if the signature changes. The complete monitoring is done in the sensor, eliminating the need for a local computer.

TempMux will, in cooperation with heating, ensure the free movement of all the movable parts in a switch, and KPM100 will give you the feedback needed to make sure the movement is done in the same way, every time. Harsh weather and freezing temperatures are a constant threat against reliable travel times and the safety of the train, and this needs to be monitored to be able to act accordingly.

Overall knowledge of the railroad system is crucial to all operators. The collection of data from all the rail switches to compare and predict failures or making sure that the noise levels stay under control is available when using the complete sensor package from Kjærulf Pedersen a/s. The sensor package provides the necessary data to support all personal gaining an overview with an easily accessible and available system.