All industries rely on the ability to internally move goods from one production stage to another. This can happen in various tempos and various weights. Robots and robot-aided units performs many of the automated tasks and ensures a system with great precision in time and place. But the more automated and autonomous the systems become the more we see the need for monitoring and condition feedback since there is no operator to discover the weaknesses.

With our KPV100 or KPV200 we can provide the remote operator with the possibility to view and compare historical data with real time streaming data.  No cloud data transfer is needed or extra charge for the data traffic. The KPV100/200 does all the work internally and presents it to the operator to analyze. The vibration feedback presented can be used to predict and plan where and how to optimize the use of resources for maintenance and spare parts. To be ahead with planning saves money and time on both the ability to have a production running without unplanned stops but also on the budget of spare parts and maintenance. These two factors will optimize production output and minimize the cost of doing so.

KPM100 provides a full dataset with all IMU level feedback. Speed, direction, pitch, roll and yaw will be continuously streamed to the operator giving the full overview of almost every aspect of the units’ movements, placement, and function. Pre-determined baselines and alarms can help stop failures and avoid costs larger than necessary and minimize downtime of the machines. The setup between your system and the KPM100 can be arranged to make an automatically stop of the machines when detecting failures.

Together the sensors from Kjaerulf Pedersen provides you with a reliable feedback and foundation for decision making towards keeping your production steady and running. Historical data analyzed and compared with the live feed gives all the information needed for predictive maintenance and for targeted maintenance on individual components or the whole system.

Knowledge is power and the knowledge comes from KPV100/200 and KPM100.